Winter Weather

With all of the fun weather hitting Iowa currently here is information on what to do if you feel the need to cancel a meeting due to weather:

You can always switch the meeting to being an online meeting or reschedule the meeting for a different date if the chapter has time sensitive items they need to get done.


The IOLC Policies (Instructions to Officers of Local Chapters) Policies document, page 3, has the following information: 

  • Chapter meetings, as listed in the yearbooks, that are canceled for reasons of emergency (e.g., inclement weather, etc.) are not rescheduled.


“Instructions – Recording Secretary’s Record Book” page 2 has the following information: 

Minutes for a meeting cancelled due to emergency should state: “The regular meeting of Chapter scheduled for (date) at (hour) at (place/venue) was not held due to (state emergency) .”

At the next business meeting, the recording secretary will read these minutes, after any other meeting minutes are read and approved.


The referenced documents can be found on the International website under Resources > Local Chapter Officers.