P.E.O. Scholarship Poster

Cedar Falls Chapter MV member, Sandra Jensen, (left) is visiting a former colleague, DeAnn Nixt, manager of Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment and Assessment Services at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo. Ms. Nixt supervises staffers who work one-on-one with students and who often look for scholarships. Notice that Sandra is handing off a copy of the P.E.O. poster describing the philanthropies. The poster is a handy resource available at www.peointernational.org. To order posters use the Online Ordering tab and look under Booklets, Brochures & Videos. Scroll down to find “P.E.O. Projects Poster (a set of 6)” at the low cost of $2.00. Next, find places in your community where the information can help your chapter’s search for your next PCE or ELF candidate.