Membership Moment

Be an Uplifter!
Three Questions to Infuse Positive Energy into any Meeting

Want to find a way to make your chapter meetings productive and uplifting?  Need to find a way to bring energy and positivity?  The answer comes from asking ourselves three questions.  These three questions can help us model being an UPLIFTER–someone who can raise, boost, brighten and improve the feeling of any meeting.

The Uplifter’s Three Questions:

  1. How can I be authentically present?
  2. How can I help us feel connected?
  3. How can I light up our purpose and mission?

Tips to being authentically present:

  • Clear your mind of distractions, focus on the meeting at hand.
  • Take a few mindful breaths to be mentally present.
  • Come to the meeting ready and excited to participate.
  • Show confidence that you have something unique to offer.

Tips to help everyone feel connected:

  • Make an effort to check in with as many members as possible
  • Starting roll call with an open-ended question such as “What’s New” can be a simple but powerful boost to warm up and connect everyone
  • Listen to what others are saying and pay attention to body language
  • Acknowledge someone’s thoughts if they seem to go unheard by others
  • Match skills with needs: draw on others’ strengths or partner people up to help transfer and build skills

Tips to light up our purpose and mission:

  • Remind the group of our purpose and mission…this drives everything we do!
  • Talk about the positive impact a successful project or mission has had on others
  • Highlight examples of our mission-related accomplishments from the P.E.O. Record, P.E.O. International website and social media
  • Shine a spotlight on those who exemplify our purpose and mission
  • Invite a Project recipient to speak to your chapter to learn how our Sisterhood’s philanthropy has made a personal impact

With appropriate use of these three questions, a leader or a participant can enhance the productivity immediately and move things forward!!  Choose to be an Uplifter!

To learn more about being an Uplifter, access “Be an Uplifter” information on the International website Membership Toolbox