Membership Moment

Do you have a friend who is always spontaneous and comes up with fun and unusual things to do? Ask them to help you plan a popup socal for your chapter! What’s a popup social? A popup social is an unscheduled social event. You could have multiple popups a year. What a perfect time to invite inactives, guests and non participating members! Not sure what you would do for such an event? Here are some ideas!

  • Meet at a winery
  • Sing Christmas carols
  • Attend a happy hour
  • Play frisbee golf
  • Have a coffee date
  • Check out a new store in your area
  • Celebrate a weird holiday
  • Go to a new restaurant and order all of their appetizers to share, or everyone orders a different entree and you share it family style
  • Go to a movie
  • Find a place to enjoy live music
  • Visit a state park
  • Get pedicures
  • Attend a painting class
  • Try an exercise class
  • Sing karaoke
  • Attend a local sporting event
  • Try an escape room
  • Have a virtual trivia night
  • Try a local food truck and eat at a nearby park
  • Have a picnic
  • Roast marshmallows and have s’mores
  • Learn a dance
  • Have a teenager introduce you to TikTok – then learn a dance
  • Have an ice cream social – everyone brings a topping
  • Have a facetime night where you facetime your sisters at college or those who live out of town
  • Have an unbirthday party! Today is everyone’s birthday!

Be brave, during suggestions for the good of the chapter invite sisters to join you in a Popup Social! Pick one fun activity and see who will be interested! You never know, you could form a new bond with a sister! It will be worth putting yourself out there. Besides, anytime spent with a sister is going to be a good time. Go on an adventure!