Membership Moment

How exciting it must have been for our original seven founders to connect with others to join their new organization. In fact, one of our seven founders, Franc Roads Elliot is quoted as saying, “Let’s go find the others!” Do you sometimes get a bit stymied in how to find those others? What about inviting the Philanthropic recipients as members?  I know many of us are always looking to add new members to our P.E.O. chapters but often we overlook a valuable resource right in front of us.  What if we invited our STAR Scholarship recipients to become members of our P.E.O.  groups?  They are interviewed by some of our members for the STAR and hopefully, they are looking for women to support them in their future as they move forward on their educational journey. Also, we can consider that they are our best resource for informing others about P.E.O. and what it can do for them whether they are a STAR Scholarship recipient, or a Continuing Education, Educational Loan Fund, International Peace Scholarship, Iowa P. E.O. Project Fund, or the Scholar Award recipient. And please do not forget the Cottey College alum as a potential P.E.O. member.

One of the biggest attractors for myself when joining P.E.O. was the warm, funny, and interesting women I met through our social events. Our recipients have already had a chance to meet us and learn more about P.E.O. to be the recipient which then helps them to decide even quicker to join us.  All we need to do is issue the invitation!  Don’t forget to invite them to join your chapter to enjoy your group and contribute in their own special way.