Membership Moment

Happy Spring everyone!  This is one of the best times of year as we slowly warm up and enjoy the beautiful weather with the new buds getting ready to blossom.  As we ponder on our gardens and what we will plant this year, let us give some thought about how we will continue to grow our local chapters.  For those of you who are using social media, Facebook has several different picture frames that you can use to place around your profile pictures to advertise P.E.O..  Once a friend notices and asks about it, which happened to me, then you can practice your “elevator speech” to explain what P.E.O. is to her.  It gives you a simple easy way to introduce P.E.O. and find some common ground to open up a further dialogue with your friends and family.
Other ways to generate interest in P.E.O.:
  • Wear our emblem (or P.E.O. recognition pin) proudly, even on nonmeeting days!
  • Talk about P.E.O. every day.
  • Connect, engage, communicate and share official P.E.O. International posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 
  • Refer friends to the P.E.O. website ( The information on the public portion of our site is intended for general viewing.
  • As your P.E.O. membership continues to grow and deepen, you may want to invite other women you know with the qualities of a P.E.O. to join the Sisterhood. After you have been a member for a year, consider extending an invitation to an upcoming social to the woman you have in mind. If she lives outside your geographic area, there is a form you may complete titled Introduction of a Woman Who is Not a P.E.O.