Chapter KP, Burlington

These two P.E.O. sisters, Mary Fran, and Loretta, were born not far apart on farms in southeast Iowa.  Their parents were friends, and they spent much of their childhood together.  Mary Fran would saddle up her horse to go visit her friend, Loretta. They grew up, married, and raised children.  Throughout all this, they remained steadfast friends.  On April 23, 1998, both were initiated into P.E.O. Chapter KB in Burlington. Both remained active until poor health made it too difficult to attend meetings. In the fall of 2020 Mary Fran was admitted to hospice care and moved to the hospice house. Her friend, Loretta, wanted to visit, but due to COVID-19 concerns, most of her visits were by telephone. Then later in the fall, Loretta was admitted to hospice and also transferred to the hospice house. The staff at the Great River Hospice House wasted no time bringing these to lifelong friends together for visits. Mary Fran died on October 28, 2020 just short of her 90th birthday on November 8. Loretta died on November 18, 2020 just short of her 90th birthday on December 13.  We in chapter KB are privileged to have known these two ladies. We feel they embody the words of our opening ode “we who are sisters in heart and spirit”! The picture is worth 1,000 words!