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Use this form to send your chapter yearbooks digitally! Please use the form below to upload your chapter yearbook saved as one single .pdf file less than 50 MB. Ensure the file name of your saved yearbook follows this naming convention: ChapterLetter.YB.2021-22 Example 1: Chapter A would be A.YB.2021-22 Example 2: Chapter DV would be DV.YB.2021-22 Example 3: Chapter BO-BY …

Chapter Health

P.E.O. For Life Chapter Meeting Tips Nurture Your Active Members Daisy Letter Keeping Members Active Local Chapter Membership Checklist Chapter Wellness Balloting on Membership Chapter Guest Day

2019 Convention Materials

Encourage Guests – Seek Prospective Members Seek Out  Making a Cold Call Introduction of a Woman Who is not a P.E.O. Checklist for Follow-up of a Woman not a P.E.O. Staying in Contact

Committees Directory

Iowa Amendments and Recommendations Title Name Address Member Cheryl Mc Caskey 58251 750th St Anita, IA  50020-8851 515-681-7395(h) 515-681-7395(c) [email protected] Member Carolynne Hoefing 61760 320th Ave Manson, IA  50563-8610 712-469-2094(h) [email protected] Member Ellen Bruns 2685 Deer Ave Britt, IA  50423-8766 641-843-8080(h) [email protected] Iowa Convention Coordinator Title Name Address Adviser Jane Roul 7302 Maple Dr Urbandale, IA  50322-3159 515-490-4673(h) 515-490-4673(c) [email protected]

Website Submission Guidelines

Chapter Anniversaries! Chapter Celebrations! Chapter Events! Iowa P.E.O.s love to hear what is happening in your chapter.  Why not share your accomplishments on our Iowa website with others.  It’s as easy as one two three. A short article explaining your event.  Please send this as a Word document. P.E.O.s love to see photos of your event.  Please send photos in …