Dear local chapter presidents and members:

Please be aware of cyber criminals sending fraudulent emails that appear to come from P.E.O., including your state, provincial or district chapter officers. We understand these emails are concerning to you. They are to us as well. These emails may ask you to share information regarding P.E.O. members in your chapter or request that you send gift cards for charity. If you have any questions about the validity of an email, please call your state, provincial or district chapter president or contact the P.E.O. Executive Office.

It is important to remember that P.E.O. will never:

  • ask for emailed lists of member information (P.E.O. already has your chapter’s membership information)
  • ask for gift cards for charity fundraising (though chapters may choose to send gift cards to specific Cottey students)
  • request electronic payment information in an email (only secured websites are used for processing contributions, supply orders and convention registration fees)

If you receive any of these fraudulent emails, DO NOT RESPOND TO OR FORWARD THE EMAILS. DELETE THE EMAILS IMMEDIATELY and separately notify your state, provincial or district chapter president.

Thank you.